Sunday, 8 April 2012

Free asda dress

You must be logged onto stardoll then click here HERE it will be in a bag in your suite    By the way my stardoll name is Greatoldcharlie ;) Incase you were wanderen :)

How to look HOT on stardoll !

Hi guys me again I'm in a rush horse show to go to soon !
Anyway I wanna show you an amazing cheap way to look amazingly HOT ! Ouch i burnt my finger !
First make sure your hair is out of the way like this

Then apply some  mascara  you should now look like this

Next put some liquid eyeliner on with a topping of pencil eyeliner
Then apply some black eyeshadow to the sides of your medolls eyes like so....

Then apply some pink eye shadow and orange blush
Apply some lip stick and Change your hair back to normal and Hay prest O !!

Clothes codes

Hi Stardoll fans !!
 This is our 1st post , today is a bumper cheat post full of codes , hints and tips !
Go to and scroll down to redeem code .
Enter anyone of these codes for a surprise it can be clothes bags or even shoes ! Just type in these codes and head to your site to recive your gift !
Warning , some of these codes may not work ;)